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Fresh Baked Media was started by two professional marketers (hereto referred to as "The Bakers") who have a passion for helping companies get more out of their online presence by feeding consumers social media that is always fresh, tasty  and addictive.

We also really love food - whether it be baked, sauteed, skewered, fricasseed, oven roasted or raw. However, none of those delicious methods quite inspired us like the feeling we got thinking about something Fresh Baked. Doesn't a smell almost come through your monitor when you read those words? Don't you just feel comforted and loved when you visualize something Fresh Baked from the oven? Well, that's the feeling we aim to give your clients - social media that allows them to feel chershed and makes you look like a social media bakestar*  (*kinda like a rockstar, but way hotter).



We give you a Fresh Brand, Baked Daily.

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